Facebook adds Privacy Shortcuts to find settings easily

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Facebook is currently applying some heavy changes to its GUI and settings. Recently as new “Privacy Shortcuts” link flashed on the upper right corner beside “Home Option”. The new “Privacy Shortcuts” option is an effort by Facebook to make it easier for user to find the privacy settings.

When users click this option as drop down opens and shows three more options.

  • Who can see my stuff?
  • Who can contact me?
  • How do I stop someone from bothering me?


Also, “See More Settings” links takes user to “Privacy Settings and Tools” page, where user can change the settings as per their use.



Introduction of “Privacy Shortcuts” would lead to strenghten the security of an user, as now user can easily¬†block other users from accessing his/her information. Also users can make direct changes to their privacy settings by getting the control of his/her profile easily.

Facebook introduced “Privacy Shortcuts”

  • It provides shortcuts to controls
  • simple to use activity log and tools for managing pictures “tagged” with their names.

Facebook is already a leading social networking site and wants to maintain the reputation being more interactive. These changes will help the new user to apply the privacy settings directly without having to search for them as earlier it used to be.

There are few more changes to come as Facebook is revamping the whole website.

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