Enable or Disable USB storage devices on windows machines

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Do you want to restrict the access USB storage devices like USB Flash Drive ?

If you want then here is a small tutorial for that.

  • Press windows key + r button, this will open “Run” command
  • Now type “regedit” in the run command and hit enter, this will open up the Registry Editor window.
  • Look for “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” on the left pane and expand it.
  • Now open SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > services > USBSTOR
  • Now on the right pane look for “Start” and click it .
  • Now the “Value Data” field will have default value on “3”.
  • Change the value data to “4” and hit OK button.

disable usb storage devices

Now the USB storage devices is disabled. Windows will not be able to detect, whenever USB flash drive are inserted into PC’s.

Now, to enable the USB storage devices, follow the above tutorial steps and change the value data to “3”.

Note while performing this trick for disabling USB storage devices:

  • This trick only works on machines running Windows OS.
  • While performing this, login with your Adminitrative account.

IF you want more detailed information then follow this Microsoft article, support.microsoft.com/kb/823732

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