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Gmail new Compose feature was introduced back in last week of October 2012. By now it is available to all users across. Many have used the new compose and find it useful, while many have found it not. Google has provided an option to switch back to old compose method. Now I am going to help to to “enable” it, if you haven’t used. Also if you found it not worthy then I am going to show you how to disable it. Follow the instructions below.

Enable Gmail New Compose

  • Sign into your gmail account.
  • Now click the “compose” button on the upper left side.
  • Now click the “new compose experience” link as shown in image below.

Gmail new compose


  • Now you will get something as shown in image below.

Gmail new compose

  • Click the “Got it” button. Now your new compose feature is enabled.

Gmail new compose

Disable Gmail New Compose

  •  If you find the new compose unworthy then you can switch back to old compose. For that click the arrow icon on the right side at bottom (as shown in image).

Gmail new compose


  • Now you have successfully disable your new compose and switch back to old compose.

The new compose feature just pops up like chat and its faster. Being similar to chat window, you can type multiple emails at a time without having to close the other saving it as draft.

It has every feature that is available in the older version. Only thing is that new compose is inline just like the chat.

If you want to get some more information about the Gmail new compose feature then see this post .


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