Disable Automatic Restart of Windows 7 after System failure

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Some of the windows 7 users sometimes face the problem of system getting automatic restart without giving error message. The reason behind this problem is Windows 7 by default is configured to restart immediately after “Blue Screen of Death” (BSOD) and this restart happens too fast to see the error message. But there is nothing to worry about this as this “Automatic restart” can be disabled from the system settings.

Disable automatic restart of Windows 7

  • Click on the Start button and go to Control Panel.
  • In the control panel page find and click the System and Security link.
Disable automatic restart of windows 7
  • Now in the System and Security page click the System link.
Disable automatic restart of windows 7
  • As the system page opens up, click the Advanced system settings link located on the left panel.
Disable automatic restart of windows 7
  • Now a  System Properties window will popup having various tabs.
Disable automatic restart of windows 7
  • Look at bottom for Startup and Recovery.
Disable automatic restart of windows 7
  • Click the settings button.
  • Under the System failure uncheck the Automatically restart checkbox.
  • Click OK in the Startup and Recovery window.
  • Click OK in the System Properties window.
  • You can now close the System window.

After doing all this now whenever there is an error which causes BSOD or some other fault, Windows 7 will not restart automatically and you’ll have to manually restart whenever there is an error. Although automatic restart helps to recover as for operating system is concerned. But, when it occurs frequently it is annoying.

Note: It is recommend that after disabling the automatic restart, when ever there is error user should restart the system. This will heal the operating system.


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