Importance of Database Optimization for WordPress Blogs

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For a better performing wordpress blog it is necessary to get proper maintenance. One of the most importance maintenance is the Database optimization. Database optimization means cleanup of unnecessary data from the database.

Now question arises that what is unnecessary data which a wordpress database contains ?

Unnecessary Data to be removed for Database Optimization, includes

  • WordPress post revisions.
  • Comments in the spam queue.
  • unapproved comments.
  • WordPress auto draft posts.

Now to explain further let us take an example, suppose you have created a post in your wordpress blog and that is approx 250 KB in size. While publishing this post it took you 10 revisions. Now think that 10 revisions means 10 times (2500KB) data is inserted into your database. The post revisions is unnecessary to keep in database. Only final published post data needs to be kept. This is where optimization is required. Similarly you can think about comments and draft posts.

Luckily wordpress users have the power of plugins which makes everything easy. For database optimization there are many plugins you can search in wordpress plugin directory.

For my blog I am using WP-DBManager, it provides useful features like automatic backup, repair and optimization of  database. You just need to go to its DB options page and setup the required to get everything automated.

Another good plugin is WP-Optimize, it also cleans up and optimizes your database effectively. One of the most important feature of this plugin is you can change your admin username without going into the phpMyAdmin.

Other popular Database Optimization plugins are,

  1. WP Database Optimizer
  2. WP Database Cleaner
  3. WP Sanitize : Auto WordPress Optimizer Plugin
  4. TentBlogger Optimize WordPress Database

All the above mentioned plugins are rated 4 stars or above by the wordpress users.

The important thing to note is that keeping the database size smaller would help the blog loading faster. Also for limited hosting or shared hosting optimization will greatly reduce the overload on servers.

Choice of plugins depends on how effectively a plugin works on your blog. If you are finding no difference then you have to tryout another. But important thing is you need to optimized in any way.

Wordpress Database Optimization

Apart from using plugins, if you find using phpMyAdmin comfortable, then you can manually optimize, repair and backup database with phpMyAdmin.



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