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WordPress is designed to  be lightweight and provides maximum flexibility, but it cannot automatically control the spamming. As your blog grows popular you will notice that there is comment spamming. Luckily there are several plugins, like Akismet, WordPress Zero Spam, WP-SpamShield, Growmap Anti Spambot, Antispam Bee, etc. The tutorial to setup the Akismet plugin is discussed below.

About Akismet

When you install wordpress software you get two plugins by default and one of them is Akismet. This plugin comes from the parent company of wordpress, “Automattic.” Akismet is one of the most popular plugin in anti-spam category with millions of downloads. Once activated it keeps track of all comments, pingbacks and trackbacks submitted on your blog.

This plugin works in two steps,

  1. Firstly it submits all comments, pingbacks and trackbacks to Akismet web services.
  2. Secondly, it filters out spams and pushes them to spam folder of wordpress.

Akismet Anti-spam plugin for wordpress

What so special about this plugin?

Comment moderation is a time consuming task and if your blog is much famous then you could have to moderate almost 100 comments an hour. Here this plugin becomes useful as its complex algorithm filters out spam and made comment moderation task easy for you.

Plugin Activation

As I already discussed earlier that Akismet comes default in wordpress, so you just need to activate it.

Akismet anti-spam plugin

Plugin Configuration

Upon activation you will find new menu item in Settings>>Akismet, click on this menu item.

Akismet anti spam plugin

Note: If you have Jetpack plugin installed then you will find Akismet under menu item of Jetpack>>Akismet

Akismet anti spam plugin



On the configuration page of the plugin you have to enter the API key. Now if,

  1. you already have the API key, then enter the key under section Manually enter an API key and then click on the button labeled Use this key.
  2. Akismet Anti-spam plugin for wordpressyou don’t have API key, then click the button labeled Get your API key. Now you will be taken to process for getting new API key.Akismet Anti-spam plugin for wordpressAlthough this plugin is free for non-business or personal sites,but for business sites you have to spend few bucks.
  3. you have Jetpack installed and you are willing to use the API key associated with your Jetpack account. Then click on button labeled Use this Akismet account.

Akismet Anti-spam plugin for wordpress

Now you are done with configuration part and your WordPress blog is protected against the comment spam.

Akismet Stats

After configuring the plugin you can view the filtering stats of Akismet from Jetpack>>Akismet. Here you will find stats related to Spam, Ham, Missed Spam, False positives and Yummy Pie.

Akismet Anti-spam plugin for wordpress

Now days spam comments are big issues and plugins like Akismet will really help fight spam. If you are using wordpress for business then do consider this plugin. You can find out plans here,

Do share with us via your comments the good things you noticed and also the problems or issues you faced while using this plugin.



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