Chrome Beta for Android with Data Compression, sync Passwords & Autofill

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After the release of Chrome Beta for Android Google is continuously working to make it feature abundant. The Chrome 26 version now has features, Data Compression, Password sync and Autofill sync.
Chrome Beta for Android

Data Compression in Chrome Beta

Chrome Beta features a data compression via SPDY proxy which compresses and minifies HTML/CSS/image files thus resulting in less time to load a website.

The compression will be done through a connection to SPDY proxy which is running on Google servers and then the content of webpage will be optimized Google’s Page speed libraries.

If you want to use the data compression via SPDY proxy, then just type ” chrome://flags” in your chrome browser’s address bar and then enable the “Experimental Data Compression Proxy”. Also to note that the compression will be done on non secure “http” based connections. Secure “https” based connections will bypass the proxy and will connect directly to the destination. Further details can be seen in Chromium Blog.

Password Sync and Autofill Sync in Chrome Beta

Now adding more features to chrome beta Google has added “Password Sync” and “Autofill Sync”. Google has stated in its Chrome releases blog that it will enabled these new features in the coming days. It has stated that the clients with Chrome 26 or higher version will enjoy the new feature. Both the settings can b directly accessed from the chrome’s settings.

 Chrome Beta for Android syncs passwords and autofill

This means you don’t need to manually fill the same information repeatedly in web forms and password prompts on your android based smartphone or tablet while using chrome browser.

If you want to try the feature rich Chrome Beta for android then just visit Google Play store.



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