Change your Default Search Engine in Chrome Web Browser

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Most of the users now uses the Google Chrome web browser. After installation of Chrome the default search engine is Google Search. Which means what ever you type in the address box (also known as omnibox) will search suing Google Search. I hope many of you have thought to change to different search engine. Sometimes the default Google Search is replaced by some other search like “” due to installation of some software or browser toolbar.

Here I will give you a brief tutorial to change the default browsers in your chrome web browser. In my tutorial I will change my default search engine from Google Search to Yahoo Search.

Tutorial for Changing default Search Engine in Chrome

  • After you open the Chrome web Browser goto “settings” options on the right side at top. The picture below will guide you to locate it.

Change Search engine in Chrome

  • Now your Chrome settings page has opened up. Scroll Down the page and locate for “Search” under the settings. Here is the snapshot for guidance.

Change Search engine in Chrome

  • Next is from the Drop Down box check for the search engine available. In my case, I have choices Conduit, Google, Yahoo and Bing. I will go for Yahoo search, you may choose as per your choice. If you default search was something else and you want Google Search then select from the drop down box.

Change Search engine in Chrome

  • Now close the settings page and try to search something. Write your search on the address bar of Chrome. In my case I wrote “technoxpad”.

Change Search engine in Chrome

  • As I hit the enter button search results came up on Yahoo Search.

Change Search engine in Chrome

Note: During the above tutorial I chose Yahoo in my settings page and hence received the above results.

In this way you can choose your default search engine in Chrome browser. It happens with all of us that the default search gets replaced during some installation or something else. You can always choose to change your default search just by changing it in the chrome’s settings page.

So now enjoy searching with your favourite search engine on Chrome web browser. If you feel this tutorial handy to you then please post a comment and let me know.

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