Caching in WordPress improves loading Speed

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wordpress-logoIf you have a high traffic wordpress blog, then you might have faced a situation where your blog goes down. High CPU load and sometimes you might receive a database connectivity issue with wordpress blog. So, the solution you might think first is to get a good server. But, is the new server is really needed? Your blog might be getting the spike of traffic for just a few hours.

Before going to get a new server look for caching the blog first. Caching stores the pages and serves the requests by proving the stored pages. In this way caching reduces the load of creating the page by having multiple queries and all.

How caching in WordPress Blog works

When a visitor requests a page from browser the request is served by the server. The server creates the page by retrieving the data from database and also process the PHP code. In this way every time visitor request are processed to create requested page.If the visitor number increases then processor will get high load leading to failure.

If caching is enabled then, the page is initially served to the visitor and a copy is also kept on server with an expiry time. This process of keeping a copy in the server with expiry time is known as caching. This means till the page expires the page is served to the visitors who are requesting that page. In this way server load gets low, as processor doesn’t need to create the page every time for visitors.

How to achieve Caching in WordPress

It a very easy procedure with wordpress to achieve caching. There are plugins available on wordpress which takes care of everything related to caching. There are two wonderful plugins which are highly customizable for caching needs.

  1. W3 Total Cache
  2. WP Super Cache

Any one of the above two plugins once installed on wordpress blog will cache your posts and pages as static files. These static files will be served to the visitors. This will reduce the processing load on the server.

Caching Improves loading speed and Performance

As caching reduces the load on processor this will definitely improve the performance of your server. The processor will get sufficient requests to process even in high traffic spike conditions.

Similarly, the loading speed will also improve as the pages are served from the cache. Every time the pages are not created through various steps of WordPress. As visitors requests for page, server serves the static pages from cache.This will improve the blogs loading speed.



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