Need of Responsive web design for better SEO

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As the  number of mobile device users are growing day by day the need for having a mobile version of website is also growing. At present its a fact for webmaster that if a website is not mobile friendly then the website is missing lots of traffic. Responsive web design is a new concept in which the website design adjusts according to the screen size.

responsive web design

Technoxpad blog display on small tablet having screen resolution 640×480

responsive web design

Technoxpad blog display on iphone having screen resolution 320×480

Difference between a mobile website and responsive website

Mobile website

A mobile website is a version of website that is made for smaller screen devices like smartphones and tablets. This type of website is strip down version of original website having fewer features. For example, you may have seen URL’s like, and

Responsive website

This type of website adjusts itself dynamically according to the device’s screen size. The major advantage of having responsive design is that full content is available and only the design gets changes on run time. Hence there is no need to have two different locations for contents to be displayed on various devices.

Responsive web design is also a cost-effective solution as it provides cleaner, better and accurate user experience. Having mobile website means webmasters have to maintain different storage space and also have to bear development cost separately for mobile website.

SEO Benefits of Responsive web design

Responsive web design provides a better reader experience. Better reader experience itself is having good SEO. While talking about the technical aspects of having responsive web design there are many reasons that clarifies responsive being better choice. Having responsive web design the structural code, that is your html code always remains the same. Only the CSS changes depending upon the device’s screen size. SEO benefits also counts the following.

  • Having responsive web design eliminates any chances of having duplicate content. Only one url is there for each post.
  • All your SEO settings and social sharing options are available in responsive web design, you need not to do anything extra. While having separate mobile website means putting efforts for SEO and social sharing on two websites.
  • Responsive web design helps in better link building. Such as internal linking, back linking and even social sharing, any link shared will point to your responsive website. Now think of managing the link building thing with two different versions of website (mobile and desktop versions). You will surely find responsive websites better.
  • Google loves having responsive web design.

Google also recommends webmasters to follow the responsive web design.

Google recommends webmasters follow the industry best practice of using responsive web design, namely serving the same HTML for all devices and using only CSS media queries to decide the rendering on each device.

Steps to take care while going for responsive web design

  • While going for responsive web design, webmaster needs to take care that the most relevant content is displayed at top of the page. This should be done because good quality SEO needs to have contents above the fold for both mobile and desktop versions.
  • Overall the design should be clean. If you are using wordpress then choose a theme which provides clean look, means theme emphasize mostly on main content.


Everyone knows that Google is updating its search ranking and indexing algorithms now and then (Penguin and Panda updates). With this update, now SEO has changed a lot. Google wants to provide better user experience for its search engine users. It’s a fact now that the responsive design is needed for having better user experience and also better SEO. Responsive web design being the cost-effective solution will achieve maximum popularity in near future.



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