Best WordPress SEO permalinks structure for higher rankings

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is something which a blogger cannot ignore. There are various things that needed to  be considered for better rankings on search results (especially on Google search). One of the things to consider is the URL structure of your blog especially for posts. For better search page results the permalinks needed to be optimized.

What is Permalinks ?

Permalink or permanent link is a url that points to a specific entry of a blog. In simple words we can define it as “A permalink is a link to individual post.”

For example, a blog URL is something like,

while a permalink will look like,

This is actually a url of blog entry or individual post.

Best Permalinks structure to use with wordpress blogs

The permalinks should be only considered best if it is keyword rich, short and informative. As a blogger you know or you should know that keywords play a vital role in search results ranking and driving traffic from search engine.

When you install your wordpress blog, the permalink structure is set to default.

The default structure is something like,

Now this “p=123” doesn’t look good and informational.

While you look into the above permalink, “p=123” is having no information and especially its not keyword. This serves to be poor SEO structure.

If you look into this permalink,

Now “best-wordpress-seo-permalinks” give a sense and is informational too.

While looking into above two examples you can understand which one is keyword rich. Second example with permalink structure “best-wordpress-seo-permalinks” is having few keywords like wordpress, seo and permalinks. These things help you great in getting best ranking in search results.

For wordpress blogs the permalinks structure can be set from its settings.

How to setup seo friendly custom Permalinks structure in wordpress

For setting up custom permalinks structure you need to go to Settings >> Permalinks.

Custom Permalinks structure for better SEO

In above snapshot you can see an option “Custom Structure” and in that “%postname%” is defined. This will give you permalink which is keyword rich.

The whole idea behind best wordpress SEO permalinks is to have a permalink which is short and descriptive. Which means that the permalinks should have keywords which are informational and short in lenght. Keywords are something which helps getting good rank in search results.

This article is basically for the new bloggers who start blogging with wordpress. For users who are migrating from another blogging platform to wordpress need to be cautious while changing permalinks structure. Changing the permalinks structure of your existing blog need to consider some things or else you will loose existing traffic. For users migrating from other platform to wordpress can check this article “Changing Permalinks structure without loosing traffic.”



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