BBM now available for Android and iOS devices

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BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) which is one of the powerful messenger will be available for Android and iOS devices soon. BlackBerry is expecting to wider its customer base by making BBM cross-platform. This was announced on the BlackBerry blog.

BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry has over 60 million users worldwide and handles over billions of messages in a single day. BBM will compete with the popular messaging app WhatsApp which has grown to 300 million users.

Andrew Bocking, Executive Vice President for BBM at BlackBerry said in a recent press release, “BBM is a very engaging messaging service that is simple to use, easy to personalize and has an immediacy that is necessary for mobile communications. With more than a billion Android, iOS, and BlackBerry smartphones in the market, and no dominant mobile instant messaging platform, this is absolutely the right time to bring BBM to Android and iPhone customers.”

BBM for Android and iOS

Whats BBM for iOS and Android will offer to users ?

Chat: BBM will offer chat conversations real and immediate with friends on various platforms like Android, BlackBerry and iOS devices. BBM lets users know that the messages are delivered and read but also shows that your friend is responding to your messages.

File Sharing: The file sharing includes photos and voice notes, all delivered instantly. The most important thing about BBM is that its secure.

Unique Pin: With private pin number contacts and information is kept secure. Even the record of messages that are delivered and read are also kept secure.

Group Chat:  Users can even carry out both one-on-one and group text chats. BBM Groups lets you invite upto 30 friends to chat together along with file sharing. Message Broadcast feature allows your message to be delivered to all your contacts at once.

Instant Message Delivery: BBM runs in the background and is always on, thus users will get messages delivered within seconds.

BBM is a private secured social network for active and real conversations.


BBM will be available on Google Play from September 21, 2013 for Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Beans. While BBM will be available on Apple App Store from September 22, 2013 for iPhones running iOS 6 and later versions. Users can also download from the Blackberry website for their smartphones.

BlackBerry also plans to launch BBM Channels later this year which will provide a forum for active, real conversations between you and the people, brands, celebrities, artists, service providers, communities and more.

Whats not Available ?

Currently BBM Video Calling and BBM Voice Calling will not be available for Android and iOS versions of the app. Although they are planned for future versions.

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