Android based smart Refrigerator by Samsung

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With the rising popularity of Google’s Android operating system, things are getting really smart. Now it’s time for our refrigerator to get smart. Samsung’s T9000 refrigerator is a smart one as it runs on android. The idea is like browse the internet while cooking in kitchen.


The refrigerator has a 10 inch touch screen above ice maker which is an Android powered and connects via Wi-Fi, it includes apps like Evernote for note -taking, Epicurious for recipes, Google calendar integrated into it and also run slideshows of photos. Also, from the display itself user can stay up to date with news, weather and twitter updates. There is also an app which keep user alert about the expiration dates of milk and other food items. The Evernote app also syncs with other devices like, smartphone and tabs to easily share the notes generated on refrigerator screen.

The smart refrigerator is targeted towards young generation who always keep themselves busy on internet and also the gadget geeks.

There are cons that the device keep you up to date and stay connected even if you are in kitchen and don’t have to carry your tab and smartphone everywhere.

The main pros is that installation of other apps is not possible, which makes the device restrictive to the pre installed apps.

The smart refrigerator will be available this spring at a suggested retail price of $3,999.

Some Specifications of the Refrigerator.

  • 10″ LCD display / control screen
  • Wi-Fi support
  • 32 cubic feet total capacity, four door
  • humidity removal system
  •  19.4 cubic-feet (539-liter) capacity French Door refrigerator compartment on top
  • 6.1 cubic-feet (173-liter) compartment on the lower right
  • Samsung Triple Cooling system
  • Two compressors, three evaporators
  • An array of sensors to keep produce fresh longer.

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