Android Device Manager launched for maximizing phone security

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If you have an android device then there is a good news for you. Google has launched Android Device Manager for its Android devices (smartphones and tablets). Enabling the Android Device Manager from the device will enable it to get located and tracked via web interface.

This feature was announced on official android blog. The device manager will enable you to locate, ring, and remotely erase all your data from your Android device. For enabling this service you don’t need to install anything on your android device. Android Device Manager is built into the Android operating system. The Android Device Manager is available on all devices running Android 2.2 and above versions.

Android Device Manager

Enabling Android Device Mananger

  • From your device open the Settings.
  • Now select an option Android Device Manager.
  • Now make sure that Remotely locate this device and Allow factory reset check-boxes are checked.
  • Once all settings are made, then go and check on web interface.
  • You will need to sign-in using your Google account to use the web-based interface.

Features available after enabling Android Device Manager

Locate and ring your lost mobile device

If by mistake you drop your phone somewhere in your room and forgot, then don’t worry. Android Device Manager will let you ring your device with full volume for about 5 minutes, even if it is in silent mode. You can also locate your device real time on map in case of theft or misplacement.

Personal information and data security

After losing your phone your primary concern is that your personal information don’t get into wrong hands. Now Android Device Manager will help you quickly and securely erase all the data from your lost device. So if you are sure that your mobile device can’t be recovered then just wipe off all personal information remotely.


Android Device Manager feature implementation was seamless as users don’t need to update any apps. This was just introduction which lets user to locate, track, ring and wipe off data from mobile devices. In future may be there will be more features which will let users to view call log, take backup of contacts and run apps remotely.



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