Android 4.3 Jelly Bean comes with new features

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With the launch of second generation Nexus 7 tablet Google rolled out Android 4.3 with the same tag name as Jelly Bean. The latest Android update comes with lots of features added to it.  After all this update came after almost nine months since Google rolled out Android 4.2.

Android 4.3

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Android 4.3 Features

Multi-User Restricted Profiles

This feature enables users to restrict the app usage in case of multiple users for a device. Set profiles for various users and each user profile will have its own separate environment like own local storage, home screens, widgets, settings,etc. For parents it’s of great use as they can control what apps and games their kids can have access. Although this multi user restricted profile feature is available for Android based tablets only.

Android 4.3

Dial-pad Autocomplete

This feature was missing from the Android versions. Although some manufacturers like Samsung, HTC have already provided this feature via their UI’s. Now devices running the original Android UI will have dial-pad autocomplete feature from the app settings.

Android 4.3

Bluetooth Smart Ready

Introduction of Bluetooth Smart Ready brings support for low-energy Bluetooth Smart devices. So users can now sync their heart-rate monitor and similar devices.

Open GL ES 3.0

User can now experience high performance graphics on mobile devices as Android 4.3 supports the new industry standard Open GL ES 3.0. Google gave a demo showing the detailed textures, lens flare, and reflections.

Android 4.3

Improved Camera feature

It is among the most needed things on Android, as now camera feature provides wider view through the lens.

Emoji addition

Google’s emoji is now added into Android 4.3 keyboard. Users can now add similes into any app directly from keyboard input.

Updated Notification

In Android 4.3 users can choose different option based on notification type. Like if there is a missed call, then user can opt to call back right from the notification or else can make note of it.

Language support

More language support is added into Android 4.3, Africaans, Amharic, Hindi, Swahili, and Zulu. With Hebrew, Aramaic being added the Android now supports right-to-left (RTL) text.

Android 4.3


There are plenty of updates that have taken place in Android 4.3. Google tried to provide the best experience to its users in terms of interactivity with devices having android platform. This time graphics improvement makes the gamers community also happy. Also, the improved camera experience also brings lots of interactivity while taking photos.

The feature update information are also available on Official Android Blog.

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