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It’s a fact that a visitor will not wait for minutes for a website to get loaded. For a revenue generating website visitor count is much more important. Increasing loading speed of a website is not that tough if the limiting factors are known. For knowing the limiting factors you need to analyze your website performance. There are many tools available on internet for website analysis. I would recommend Google PageSpeed Insights because of its huge capability. The best thing about Google PageSpeed Insights is that its open source and free to use.


How Google PageSpeed Insights can help you ?

Google PageSpeed Insights is a free tool which analyzes your web page and provides you with guidelines on how to improve the performance of web pages.

For analyzing your web page you just need to type URL of the web page and hit the “Analyze” button. Google PageSpeed Insights will perform a number of diagnostic test on the web page and will analyze the performance of web page on the basis of  PageSpeed Insights Rules for improving load time. These rules includes resource caching, data upload and download size, and client-server round-trip times.

Lets take an example further to help you in analyzing your web page. Let’s analyze Adobe Systems Inc website.

Google PageSpeed Insights

  • Now enter the URL of the web page you need to analyze and then hit the “analyze” button. I am putting for analysis.

Google PageSpeed Insights

  • Now you will be taken to “Suggestion summary” page having different links. Follow the links to have further suggestions to improve the overall performance.
  • In the Suggestion Summary page you will find some notations like (H), (M), (L). (H) means suggestion of High Priority, (M) means medium priority suggestions and (L) means low priority suggestions.
  • Now there are more options, you can check your web page for both desktop and mobile. This option you can choose from the top-right corner of the “Suggestion Summary” page.

Google PageSpeed Insights

What is PageSpeed Score ?

PageSpeed score indicates how much faster a page could be. So, the high score means little improvement is required, whereas low score means your web page needs immediate attention.

In the above example you can see that PageSpeed score is 78 out of 100. It means the web page needs nearly 25 percent improvement.

Looking into Suggestions

After analyzing a web page, when you click one of the suggestions. It takes you to the particular suggestions page. Let’s take example of suggestion”Combine images into CSS sprites.”


Now looking into above screenshot you can see which images in your webpage needed to combine for improving performance.

Using the Google PageSpeed Insights tool a webmaster needs to have some knowledge of web hosting technologies, HTTP, JavaScript and CSS. This will help you to understand the suggestions provided by the analysis tool. If you have more questions about using and analyzing your web page with PageSpeed Insight tool. You can go to to Frequently Asked Question Page.



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