Now Google Analytics will give Real-Time goal Conversion reports

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Google Analytics will now provide real-time goal conversion reports. This feature updation has been confirmed via official Analytics Blog. This goal conversion report is used to understand and monitor the traffic behaviour and activities of a website or blog. This is widely used by the SEO professionals and companies providing SEO services.

Importance of Google Analytics real-time Goal Conversion report

It shows report of the most recent goal achieved by a website in an ordered list. The report consist of goal number and the name (or label given by user) of the goal achieved. The defined goal can be page URLs or events. Earlier these were not real-time.

Now it is updated to show real-time reports, which will provide the current activity updates via reports. These activity are goal conversions of your website or blog.

If you are not using this feature then try it now as it is real-time. Analyze your website better for goal conversions and understand the traffic behaviour.

Set up Goals

  • Login to your Analytics account and goto Admin area of your account.
  • Select the profile you want to set up goals.
  • Now click on the “Goals” tab under the Conversions heading.

Google Analytics Goal

  • Now click the “Set up goals” button on the main page.
  • Now click on the “+Goal” link.

Google Analytics Goal

  • Now you will be asked to enter the “Goal Name” and “Goal Type.”

Google Analytics Goal

  • Press the save button and follow the further instructions.

After setting up your Goals, you will be able to see a bar graph on the main Google Analytics page. The bar graph will show the goal conversion by your website visitors and important thing is all these conversions are real-time.

Google Analytics Goal Conversions

For a successful website or blog understanding the traffic behaviour is very important and here Google Analytics will help you. For further instructions on setting up goals you can follow the Google Analytics Documentation.



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