Adobe Flash Player no longer supported on Android 4.0.x

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Adobe has stopped the development of Flash Player for Android devices and it has declared no support for Android 4.1 Jellybean. While its support will be available for devices that are certified by device manufacturers.

Adobe Flash Player

Flash Player was made available for smartphones in 2010, except Apple inc all other manufacturers included the Flash support for their devices. Apple CEO Steve Jobs encourages the use of HTML5 as alternative to Flash for mobile devices.

History of Adobe Flash Player

Flash player was released in 1996, with its release new era of graphics was born. Since then Flash has powered billion of devices with its powerful graphics support. The players supports streaming of videos and audio. Tons of websites have embedded this player to stream audio or video on internet.

End of Flash Player

The emergence of HTML5 lead to the end of Flash support for mobile platforms. HTML5 has native video/audio player which will proof to be better than flash player over the years.

The ending support for Flash means the power of emerging HTML 5 is getting stronger and in future all websites and devices will have HTML 5 support for playing audio/videos.

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