TechnoXpad.com is all about technology news, tips, tricks and ideas that will help you in easing things related to your devices (like you computer, phones and other devices). The main motive of this blog is to just provide its reader with useful tips, tricks and resources to simply their digital life.

TechnoXpad.com covers some technology updates from giants like Google, Microsoft, Apple.

This blog also features tips related to blog optimization, like having better indexing in search engines, making blog fast and also utilizing the tools available on internet for better analysis.

About Author:

Tushar Author Technoxpad.comTushar Pal, founder of TechnoXpad.com, holds M.Tech degree in Information Technology from Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management. After completing the degree and spending lots of time in studying blogging platform (especially wordpress), it was time for me to share something needful to everyone who wants to earn and start blogging for earning.


The interest in blogging was the foundation stone of Technoxpad.com and with the keen interest in the technology I expect to help out everyone who is in need through this blog.

With this blog I will try to provide useful tips related to technology that we are currently using and also better optimizing it. Also, at the same time I will provide tips for making blogging a better experience, especially for the entry level bloggers.

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