Use over 1000 smiley emotions with Gmail New Compose feature

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Whenever Google redesigns something it adds lots of goodies and features to it. This time Google has redesigned the Gmail’s compose interface. The Gmail new Compose feature has been available to all by now. With this new Compose Google has added 1000 smiley emotions to use when you send someone email using it.

New Smiley emotions are not available in older Compose interface and you have to enable the “Gmail New Compose” feature. For that you can follow the instructions in this post, Enable/Disable Gmail new Compose feature.

After enabling the new Compose feature, follow the instructions below to have new smiley emotions added in your emails.

Instructions for using New Smiley emotions

  • Click on the compose button and the new Compose box will open up on right side at bottom.
  • Now at bottom of new compose box click the “+” and it will slide showing the smiley icon. Click the smiley icon to insert a smiley into your email.

Gmail New Compose feature with 1000 new smiley emotions


  • Scroll down to have the entire collection of over 1000 new smiley to be used in the emails. Add as many smiley you want while writing email to someone.

You just need to enable the Gmails’ New Compose interface to enjoy the whole collection of smiley. The new compose interface being inline it is just like chat and thus many emails can be sent at a time, you don’t need to close one to compose other. The whole list of features is explained in the official Gmail blog, .


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